some days you need a little Wonder Woman

Lippy in Russian Red, eye shadows L to R: Lady Justice, Insurmountable, Deep Truth, Bold Babe. Mascara in Themyscira (blue)

I love these! MAC have brought out a range of Wonder Woman themed cosmetics. Gimicky? Yes. Fun? Yes. Irresistable to anyone who was a Wonder Woman fan as a child? Absolutely not!

But where I ask is the Lasso of Truth?

Maybe Mala beads will do the trick instead. Congratulations to drkknits for winning the Mala Bead pack from my previous post

7 thoughts on “some days you need a little Wonder Woman

  1. Aren’t they awesome? We are all Wonder Women!

  2. oh oh did i really?! yay! i looooove the mac wonder woman stuff and i would love some of that too but i think i need the beads more 🙂 thanks al xx

  3. You, me and Kris are Russian Red Wonder Women triplets!!

  4. oh i love mac and I don’t mind a cosmetic gimic! Thanks for the heads up!

  5. ooo 0 if only I could commit to wearing makeup -love the reds

    wonderwoman is GO!!!

  6. Well I loved Wonder Woman in her hey day and I have to say I still love Wonder Woman looking at that.

    I’m a sucker for a red lip and the blue shadows…. make note to self.. must go check out ;D

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