Happy Mother’s Day

"Happy Mother's Day" plate, by me, 1980
This is the plate I presented to my mother on Mother’s Day 1980, I was 7 years of age. I remember drawing it inside the circle border (plate size) on the special piece of paper at school, that was then magically transformed into a plate.  Over the years this plate has functioned as a display case item, a dinner plate, a very large water saucer for out pet cats, Tabitha and Samantha and more recently a water catcher for indoor and outdoor plants.

I had forgotten all about it’s existence until mum was doing some clearing out and she presented it back to me. I really can’t believe it has survived all this time, especially after all those years outside under a pot plant!

What’s even funnier for me is the abundance of hearts in the drawing as I went through a phase in my teens really despising anything ‘heart shaped’. I still consider hearts a ridiculously commercial symbol for love, nevertheless, isn’t it amazing how much emotion can be conveyed with in one or a couple of dozen?

Love you mum

4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Awwww that’s so sweet. I love that your mum treasured it for so long!

  2. veronica henry May 8, 2011 — 5:29 pm

    Nice one Alison, can’t believe your mum put a plant on it!!! No taste !!!

  3. how lovely she still has it. I know my mum still has some kiddy art from all of us like this.

    I’m a bit anti-love heart too but you’re right, they can and do say a lot in the right context!

  4. as a child the brightly coloured love hearts said so much, didnt they? we’re all so grown up and sophisticated, we think they’re cheesy now, but this is just so sweet and shows how much you loved your mum. its so great that she kept it.

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