Hydrangaers & Nutkins

Some time ago I was inspired by these hydrangaers that greeted me each day at the front door.

Hydrangers of inspiration

Then I came across some sock yarn in a similar colourway and created these Nutkins which is the second pattern from the Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club 2011.  I’ve given them to my sister who is expecting a baby and can probably just see a flash of hydrangaers on her feet over her bump!


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4 Responses to Hydrangaers & Nutkins

  1. missfee says:

    they look great – and so match the gorgeous flowers at your front door

  2. drkknits says:

    i have the most amazing deep blue hydrangeas outside my back door, they make me smile every day. im sure the socks will make your sister smile too. yay for finished nutkins!!

  3. RoseRed says:

    Nice one! I’ll bet your sister appreciates them – it’s getting a lot colder here now, we’ve even got the heater on!

  4. Oh I love what you wrote – made me giggle.

    I love the comparison between the socks and the hydrangeas, and your so right they are alike, lets hope your sister is able to bend over to put them on 😉

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