Mumbai Pi

Just when I thought I would never get this finished, I’d finished the edging and was getting sufficiently low on yarn to cast off. But it wasn’t enough to cast off just once and when I realised I’d skipped an important second last row, I commenced unknitting. Tink, tink, tink and some 500 odd stitches later, I could start again!
It blocked out really well too, well that’s the Knitabulous merino lace weight yarn for you. Colourway: Mumbai Skies and I had 6grams left over from about 100grams / 800m. I knit this on 4.5mm needles, commencing with a fancy circular cast on that I managed to teach myself at the back of the bus I was travelling in through the Himalayas in March (thanks for the tip drkknits).

I’m not sure how long the shape will hold with all the rain about. I’m not really bothered as it’s nice to wear and it’s finished!!



2 thoughts on “Mumbai Pi

  1. Gee, it did block nicely! Thank goodness after all that tin king! I love the edging, it looks great!

  2. Oh my Alison – DIVINE ! .. and it blocked beautifully !
    I love this shawl too, and I’ve been wanting to knit also – inspired.

    I have to say the name of the yarn, clearly it was made for you 😉

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