Unst, unst, unst

SSPSC2011 #4 Unst in Louet Gems Merino, Linen Grey



These are the fourth installment of the Super Special Six Personal Sock Club. The original pattern was to be Fox Faces by Nancy Bush, but while I plan to knit those soon, I chose to knit another Nancy pattern, Unst, from her Knitting on the Road book. Another classic sock knitting gem of a book.


7 thoughts on “Unst, unst, unst

  1. This is such a great pattern – I really want to knit it. Nancy Bush – sock hero!

    1. Hi Lyn if you do knit them my suggestion is to go up a needle size to 2.5 mm for the leg and heel gussett. Even with the lace mine are a little snug to get on.

  2. They look fabulous! And you are right, that is a great sock knitting book (but of course! Yay Nancy Bush!)

  3. love, love love

    they are just gorgeous – and the colour is a great match


  4. …and how pretty are they ?! love this pattern, they look great Alison 😀

  5. gorgeousness. perfect match of pattern and yarn. im going to start mine over in a softer yarn i think to make the most of the lovely pattern. yay for finished socks!!

    1. Do you think you’ll try with the Spud&chloe again for socks or will that become a shall? I’m going to start Fox Faces with the Gems in Terra Cotta, just as soon as I finish DH’s argyle socks, with any luck by his birthday.

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