Forecast 2012: a chance of finished objet

Cardigans? Yes. Socks? Certainly. Shawls, even silk ones? Sure. Putt’n birds on things? Absolutely!

First up there are the 3 purple cardigans to complete, the linen Kimono, the Celery and Barton Cottage Shrug. I’m so keen to have all of them finished I keep switching between them and hence none of them feel like they are going to get finished. I really need to practise knitting monogamy for a few weeks and see what that produces as finished objet.

Of course when any one of these is done, there will be heavy competition as to what joins the active Cardi conga line. I think Vitamin D will be first in either a Fuchsia or Heavy Metal Wollmeise 100% or a marled grey Tern care of MissFee. There is also Honeysuckle, Florence, Long Night, Chrysanthemum and Rocky Coast capturing my attention (yarn in my stash for at least 4 of these already). Plus that Meryton Coat.

I am having shawl withdrawal big time too and haven’t had a shawl on the needles since I finished Sakaki at the beginning of September last year! The shawl queue is just as long:
Stripe Study in Sanguine Gryphon Bugga, Tomato Frog red + Blue Metalmark grey
Colour Affection in Wollmeise blues and greys
Night Blooms in Samurai Sword Knitabulous silk lace and Nuvem in 47Ag Wollmeise Lace
Bordeaux, Georgiana, Icarus, Kleio, Brandywine, the list really does go on and on (and Romi just realeased another couple…argh!)

Socks will take care of themselves this year, I’ve no doubt about that. Train travel wouldn’t be complete without sock knitting and there’s no chance of that stopping any time soon. I won’t list them all, though the priorities this year are Pointelle, Red Dwarf knee highs, and a few colourwork and cable choices. That leaves me with the adhoc projects of making birds for the show, a spot of bunting, a couple of golf covers for hubby and blanket squares for my nephews (and possibly a niece!) and perhaps a Honey Cowl and a skirt of some kind to go with the other knitted items for cooler weather.

I will continue to remind myself that it does all just happen one stitch at a time and not forget to breath or be overwhelmed by the queue. After all it is just knitting and I’m already ahead with an extra day this year!


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2 Responses to Forecast 2012: a chance of finished objet

  1. DrK says:

    i am just about to finish ‘different lines’ and am desperate to start line break’ as i feel a touch of shawl flu coming on, tho i suspect i should finish the celes scarf first. i think its important to get one thing finished every so often, just to remind ourselves its about the objet as much as the process of knitting!

  2. RoseRed says:

    Nice list! (I hope there will be a niece! How exciting! A whole new world of knitting opportunities!).

    Yep, you need a spot of knitting monogamy to finish one of those cardis! It really does work!

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