Brows that stopped traffic!

Seriously. I dropped into the benefit brow bar on the way through the shops today, cutting across town like I do when I get a chance to get a few ‘me’ errands done. It had only been a month since I’d visited and they’d done the place up, twice the size as before. I felt like I was in a real life Sally Spa for a moment. Brows tinted and shaped and a little purchase made, all in under 20mins. My kind of lunch break. Off I set back towards my day job (yoga teaching is my ‘play’ job). I was about to cross the road when a woman stopped me and actually asked “Have you just had your eye brows done in there? They look amazing!”. I did a quick scan over her face to see if she was for real or taking the micky. She seemed for real but that didn’t stop me looking round for a ‘candid camera’ set up. “yes, thanks” I replied and scooted off just in case it really was a set up.

Even funnier was when I returned to work. One person asked me if I’d just had my hair done, which was bizarre as my hair is now 2 weeks overdue a cut, frizzed out, and not getting done for another week (trying a new hairdresser on a recommendation). Another person commented that my “eyes looked great”. At $25, that was one value-for-money, not to mention efficient, beauty fix. Anyone who knows me, knows I like a low maintenance, anti beauty hype approach. Doesn’t stop me enjoying the girly playfulness and pretty packages now and again!


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7 Responses to Brows that stopped traffic!

  1. missfee says:

    i am so in need of some brow training – yours do look great! and what a great treat too

    oh to work in the city……

  2. roseredshoes says:

    I never get my brows done – maybe I should! A nicely shaped brow really does open your eyes up!

  3. They really do look fabulous! Where did you go? I’m in the city for the next week and would love to get mine looking that good!

  4. DrK says:

    It’s amazing how a little bit of wax can seem like a total transformation. I love getting mine done, should do it more often. They look great on you!

  5. ahhaha.. that’s hilarious Alison!.. however they DO look great!.. and the Benefit pack is great little tool in the makeup bag. You know they say that well shaped eyebrows give the elusion of an instant facelift, so who needs surgery after all when for $25 you can look a million dollars 😀
    This post sounds like those Clairol hair adds…ahahaha Great post Alison, loved it.

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