Sewing Bug

I’ve a strong urge to get the sewing machine out again and whip up a few more dresses. This is partly due to the patterns I have at home begging to be used, partly because of some gorgeous fabrics around and mainly because I’m really enjoying wearing the last one I made. I’ve also recently inherited an old Pfaff sewing machine c.1972 from my lovely Aunty Judy, who just moved to the UK. If it’s as sturdy as it is heavy it will be a good second machine for heavy duty sewing. Like denim.

Yesterday I did a little damage at the fabric shop nearby. Couple of heavy weight cottons, some with a bit of lycra and I couldn’t go past the ladybug buttons. Not sure where they will feature, probably with the black denim in some way. There’s definitely a colour theme going on at the moment too. Here’s the latest delivery from Wollmeise – black lace, 47Ag twin and a Herzblut twin. I really need to get some lace weight knit up this year.

But I can’t really get this going until next weekend when I’ve ‘flown’ a certain brush turkey to the show grounds for the Fabulous Fibres display. It needs more detailing. All I want to do is go back to the purple cardis and play with fabric right now.

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4 Responses to Sewing Bug

  1. DrK says:

    gorgeous colour choices! cant wait to see your sewing efforts. let alone the brush turkey!

  2. missfee says:

    great yarn and fabric – perhaps a sewing day is in order….

  3. roseredshoes says:

    Gosh I want to get into sewing!

    Gorgeous yarn all of it (but you knew I’d say that!)

  4. I love your fabric choices, they look so nice together. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you sew out of them. Yum Wollmeiser of course .)

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