Breaking the drought

The Mighty Brush Turkey

Enough post procrastination, time to break the spell! It’s been over 5 months since my last post. A lot has happened in that time, hence the post-hiatus. That doesn’t mean I haven’t written several dozen in my head. They just havent made it to print. So here’s a quick summary to get me started again.

    • Lost the sewing bug just as soon as I caught it after the easter long weekend in April. More like fabric flu and there have been additional fabric purchases before I finished a project. I know, the shame.
    • Joined the highly organised and competent crew to host the Knitter’s Guild stand at the Easter show. Knitted a life-sized Brush Turkey for the occasion. Like you do.
    • Went to Knit Camp at Mt Kiera, Wollongong in April. Best parts were getting to know my ‘camp buddy’ Margaret a whole lot more on the drive there and back. Her one liners are legendary. A great Saturday with the usual knitters crew. Modest yarn buying – 4 balls sock yarn. Finished the weekend attending Drk’s Mozart recital which was fabulous. Can’t say I’ll be rushing back to camp though, there’s only so much camp food and scout accommodation a girl can take and I’m just as happy hanging out in places like Sewjourn and Kangaroo Valley with a smaller group of knitters who coordinate themselves and get along so well! It is a magical combination.
    • In May I taught new private clients yoga at their home, by the cosy fire in winter. True bliss.  Also knitted a baby blanket for my 1 year old nephew with my mum, great fun and result which was thankfully appreciate by my sister.
    • Trip to the UK to see the inlaws in June. Some sun was experienced, mostly in Bath and the Cotswolds (!!), lots of rain and grey skies. Plenty of cream teas consumed and photos taken. Full post to follow on this one and the main cause of my post-hiatus.
    • Spent most of July in post holiday denial, getting over the jetlag and prepping for August. Jody’s baby shower with an amazing Purple Strip Baby Blanket and purple ombre layer-cake to match
    • I also became an Aunty again to my third nephew Liam, so there was a quick trip to Cairns in July to meet him too and spend a lovely weekend with my mum, both my sisters and 2 nephews. My sister in Sydney is due her second son in November so there is going to be more knitting for boys!
    • At the start of August I hosted 70 Yoga teachers for Relax & Renew Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with my number one favourite teacher Judith Hanson-Lasater. They came from all over Australia and Singapore (oh and Judith from San Francisco) and by all accounts it was a great success. Judith has confirmed she’ll be back in Sydney in 2 years time for more. Yay!
    • Knitting weekend in Kangaroo Valley with great friends who vowed to do it all again in the future. Double Yay!
    • Updated my Yoga Australia profile and renewed my membership. Ordered replacement cards for health insurance and supermarket rewards when I realised they still were attached to the old Cairns address. Vowed to get my taxes done this month and roll my super all together again! Seems to be the month for catching up with friends finding their way back to Sydney after years overseas (some via Kosovo, Sudan, Nepal and Turkey, another via Houston Paris and London!)
    • Now deciding:
      1. which cake to make my Birthday Boy Hubby this weekend
      2. whether I get back to sewing today and do I wash fabric or clothes
      3. which knitting wips to prioritise and how best to update the Gant chart

And I literally just spent my last $10 on the Heart Foundation Door Knock Appeal. Much better than “birth control and beer” (as sung by two nice girls at camp)!

I could not be more up to date, phew, that feels better.

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3 Responses to Breaking the drought

  1. DrK says:

    hmmm. im sure there is some important detail missing from this list of amazing things youve been doing. or perhaps i imagined it. like, did you knit anything special while you were in the COTSWALDS?! busy girl, you have been. anyway, im glad to have you home and hope you decided on a nice cake for the festival of dave.

  2. RoseRed says:

    Ha, I was thinking the same as DrK!! Funny ladies!
    Love love love your brush turkey! Best thing in the display!

  3. knitabulous says:

    You earwormed me with the song .. which brings back good memories … and you brought back something more than luggage with you from the cotswalds no?

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