Winter Works in Progress

Keeping it succinct in order to actually finish something. Biggest learning of being a new parent is the number of unfinished chores, conversations, emails, errands and knitting/sewing projects on the go. Even cooking and baking takes a few goes. So here’s what’s on the needles at the moment:
Honey Cowl in a gorgeous red 5ply Sanguine Gryphon Bugga on 3.75mm needles. I’ve named it my Cardinal Cowl owing to the red and that I became slightly addicted to the Borgias tv series when I started it and that’s all about the power of cardinal red!

Cullin Cowl in Quince& co’s Puffin, 12 ply Dogwood (pale pink), 10mm ndls. Love how squishy this yarn is and I thought it best to stick to a thicker yarn for a few gifts or I really won’t get them finished in time.

Bellyphants cardi on Millamia 5ply fuchsia and putty, 3.25mm. Here’s a pic of one I made earlier for my baby boy Sean out of Madtosh sock and Wollmeise Twin. The pink grey version is for another baby I know. Love this yarn for children’s garments, wears well and lovely to knit with.

Monkey socks in Koigu 4ply on 2.25mm that has been in my stash for a while. Great yarn and pattern and I’ve nearly finished the first sock!

Hooray Cardigan in Madeline Tosh DK Tart red on 4mm. I’d love if I could finish this before end of winter to wear it this year but totally prepared for it to become next seasons cardi of choice.

It’s all about relatively quick, finishable knits is beautiful yarn, fun patterns and for those who appreciate hand knits. Time doesn’t permit for much else.

Of course my favourite work in progress is Sean!


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2 Responses to Winter Works in Progress

  1. RoseRed says:

    He is the best WIP of all! Although the others are all pretty nice too!

  2. DrK says:

    im glad you’re getting any knitting time at all, and that red cowl is spectacular! the baby WIP is kinda cute too 🙂

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