Lizzie Lasater Restorative Yoga 2018

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15 hours Restorative Yoga Teacher Training conducted by Lizzie Lasater
Fri 23 – Sun 25 November 2018
Venue: Vista Room, Asquith Golf Club, Lord Street, Asquith, overlooking the lush green Kuring-gai National Park landscape

In Restorative yoga we discover the secret to going slow, paying attention, and being still. In Restorative yoga we practice deep rest and listen to the rhythm of our own hearts. In Restorative yoga we emphasize “being” rather than “doing.” Our bodies know how to relax. Our bodies know how to heal themselves. Restorative yoga is about giving our bodies time and creating the conditions for relaxation and healing to occur.

To teach Restorative yoga we must first learn to practice Restorative yoga. In this training you will learn straightforward techniques for introversion and stillness. You will gain the ability to offer your students ways to soothe their overstimulated sympathetic nervous systems and find relief from the stress of their busy lives. Paradoxically, by giving your students the gift of intense rest, they will discover more energy for family, work and creativity.

This 15 hour training is open to yoga teachers and serious students from all styles. What a truly self-nurturing way to finish 2018!

Required reading: Restore and Rebalance: Yoga for Deep Relaxation by Judith Hanson Lasater.

Go to Restorative Yoga Teaching for more information about Lizzie and Certification requirements, if you wish to do so post this training.

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